Top 10 Coin Blogs to Follow

Posted by Anastasia

People the world over have been collecting coins as a hobby for centuries, if not thousands of years, and the practice probably began as soon as the very first coin was ever struck. Whether it is for the pure satisfaction, the fascination, or the historical or monetary value, coin enthusiasts have been keeping this age-old pastime alive since our ancestors first conceived of the idea of forging precious metals. In coin collecting, as in any hobby that captivates the time and passion of any individual, no matter the area of interest, seasoned collectors and novices alike often hunt for the specific traits or characteristics with undeniable and often endless determination. They seek the qualities or attributes that mark a coin or paper currency to evaluate its true importance or significance, whether it is for their private pleasure in the comfort of their own home, or to dazzle the imagination of coin aficionados the world over within the vaulted coin rooms of their museums and galleries. They come from all walks of life, actors and athletes, artists and musicians, politicians and presidents, kings and queens and commoners alike have all delved into the mysteries and majesties of coins and their infinite capacity to engage and enthrall our collective senses.

Volumes of literature and reference books have been published for generations about coins and currency to further the interests and education of millions. With the advent of the internet as a resource, the work continues unabated, as the sharing of numismatic knowledge streams across cyberspace on hundreds of websites and blogs, leaving more and more coin hobbyists, new and old, to wander in its astoundingly informative and captivating path.

To keep you up-to-date with all of the fascinating information and intricacies of coin collecting, here are our top ten blogs that have become great sources to refer to. If you are searching for the latest coin news, facts about a specific coin you need to complete your set, or you just happen to have found an old coin on the street or even a yard sale, these coin connoisseurs can certainly teach or provide you with everything you need to know about the wonderful world of coins and coin collecting.

Coin Collecting Through the Eyes of a Beginner

A.C. Dwyer’s blog with an engaging style of writing and insightful thinking will help any coin collector, especially the U.S. gold collector or investor. News

An excellent blog and frequently updated source for a wide-ranging array of coin-related news and blogging.

Coin Cleaning and Restoration

Clever and eclectic ideas about cleaning and restoring ancient coins, including tips on coin photography and coin collecting in general.

Coin Collecting – The Hobby of Kings

Dan Hersam’s blog about coin collecting for beginners, in a friendly and informative voice, featuring regular Q & A’s and Trivia Quizzes.

Coin Update – Coins News Round-Up

A wide array of information and links to coin-related news, published articles sourced from some of the best coin-related sites on the Web.

Coin Collecting News

A.C. Dwyer’s blog with the focus is on news related to coin collecting, with a special emphasis on gold, bullion, investing, and coin fraud.

Coin Collecting Guide

A blog with guides and information about coin collecting, coin values, and prices, old, antique, ancient & rare coins, silver & gold coins for sale, valuable coins, collectors coins, price guide, banknotes & numismatics.

Buzz with Dave Harper

Dave Harper’s daily blog, the editor of Numismatic News.

Coin Blog

Blog with commentaries on the latest coin collecting news and reviews of coin series and key date coins.

Metal Detector for Coin Collecting

Blog’s author has used metal detectors to find over 151,000 coins, and information, tips, and strategies for building coin collections by metal detecting.