Roosevelt Dime Coin Collecting Supplies

Posted by Megan

If you are a history buff and coin-collecting enthusiast then you know the importance and historical significance of the Roosevelt Dime, which was issued in honor of the late President Franklin Delano Roosevelt starting in 1946. As many coin collectors of the Roosevelt Dime collection, these coins have great significance from the fact that it honored Roosevelt for his efforts in the founding of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis which later fittingly became known as the March of Dimes (Thank you, Mr. Wikipedia). Should you happen to be a collector, then the Whitman Coin Folders for Roosevelt Dimes are three needed items to add to your coin collecting supplies. We have three different coin folders for different date ranges that can be found in our Dime Folder’s section here.  Designed for Roosevelt Dime enthusiasts, these coin supplies are a functional and cost-effective …

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