Coin Infomercials – What are they selling?

Posted by Anastasia

In an effort to clear the air, if not the airwaves, it would be wise for any reader to regard the following guideline with a grain of salt, and that any and all judgments regarding what coins may (or may not) be worth investing in is certainly left to the buyer’s preference and numismatic sense of value and collectability. It should also be pointed out that any viewpoints expressed here are just opinions, and do not reflect any buying preferences for investing in these particular coins, nor are they meant pass judgment on  any company or coin offering. These infomercial-driven products represent an immensely popular resource for collectors of all levels of interest and expertise. They certainly reflect an abundance of marketing savvy, as well as a keen commercial insight into what motivates many collectors to make these coins an …

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How to Find Local Rare Coin Dealers

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

For anyone looking to start a fascinating hobby like coin collecting, one of the first objectives is to locate a trusted source to begin acquiring coins. In regards to finding a local dealer, whether it is to inquire about the value of coins already in your possession, or perhaps to sell some of your coins in your current collection, the best advice is to leave the yellow pages for last. Many of the listings under ’Coins’ in the phone book will more than likely be pawn brokers, or what is termed ‘junk’ bullion buyers, or even jewelers, none of which may really collect or study rare coins, or will readily buy what coins you do have, and cheaply, and usually for the melt-down value of the metal your coin is made from. Locating an Honest and Knowledgeable Dealer The first …

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