Coin Holders – AirTite Direct Fit vs. AirTite Ring Fit

Posted by Megan

One of the most fascinating and attractive things about coin collecting is that you are given the option to choose. As a coin collector, you are able to choose what type of coin you wish to pursue and collect, as well as how you would like that coin to be presented. Two perfect options for presenting each individual coin is the AirTite Direct Fit coin capsule and the AirTite Ring Fit coin capsule. Both of these coin holders have numerous advantages because, as practically all coin-collecting enthusiasts know, imperfections on coins have such a direct impact, leading to direct negative impact on the coin’s value. Both the AirTite Direct Fit and the AirTite Ring Fit do a remarkable job of protecting a coin from damage.  The AirTite Direct Fit allows the coin to sit in more tightly, taking up less space. The …

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