Littleton Albums in a Nutshell

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

Littleton albums are the biggest and one of the five major brands of coin albums that feature a large selection of titles. They are one of two most sold albums in the U.S. manufactured by a family company, Littleton Coin Company. Made in the USA, exclusive and high quality, Littleton albums are an economical, safe way to store, use, protect, organize and display your collection. Available for nearly every U.S. coin series and many foreign coin series, Littleton albums come in many configurations, allowing you to collect in series or sets, or to put together your own custom set.

Unlike most collectors’ albums, Littleton albums are constructed as 3-ring binders, allowing the albums to lay flat when open making it easier to study or enjoy the coins in the album. The signature “loose leaf” style makes the Littleton albums much thicker on the spin than the other brands of albums. While more durable, this makes Littleton albums take up more space on the book shelf or in the safe due to wedge shaped form. The eyelets are a great feature and they reinforce the pages, while thumb-holds make slide removal convenient, and crystal-clear slides show both obverse and reverse. Being made of inert materials, with anti-corrosion technology, Littleton pages won’t damage your collection and are safe for long-term storage.

As far as the size, Littleton albums fit in a 2″ not included slipcases and slipcases. Corrosion protection inserts are complementary and not sold with the albums but are available for purchase for collectors who want them. Additionally, Littleton pages are available in a standard 2×2 holder configuration, allowing you to quickly store your 2×2 coin collections. As additional perk, Littleton also offers a matching line of collection portfolios that hold US and world banknotes, certified coins and coins in the popular 2×2 cardboard holders.

For your convenience you can get Littleton albums as blanks with blank or labeled pages so you can collect any way you desire. Titled but otherwise blank pages are available in eight of sizes and Littleton also offers Territory update pages for the state quarter albums.

If you are looking for great collector’s album, Littleton albums, are a great solution – adaptable, easy to customize and durable. They are everything you want in a collector’s album and more.