Everything About Presidential Coin Albums

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

Presidential coin albums are the perfect investment for the both the serious numismatist or the avid coin collector. Whether it is for storing your collection in a safe and secure manner, or just browsing through it whenever you like, our Presidential coin albums are designed to protect and preserve your collection in any convenient category you may choose, by the set, by the description, or by denomination. We even have coin albums that are outfitted with airtight containers to provide that extra measure of safekeeping.

At CoinSupplyPlanet, we take great pride in providing you with the highest possible quality when it comes to Presidential coin albums. We carry four of the leading brands of coin albums – HE Harris, Dansco, Littleton, and Whitman – and each of them feature a wide category of titles to serve your specific coin collecting needs and requirements. Our Presidential coin albums are an exceptional tool to keep your collection organized and out of harm’s way.

Taking proper care of your Presidential coin collection will guarantee they endure the test of time, while becoming highly prized heirlooms and family keepsakes to be cherished for generations in the years to come. They will also provide a stunning display venue should you participate in coin shows to illustrate your valuable collection. Listed below is a brief comparison of each of our Presidential coin album brand selections, and all have specific and unique qualities that will add a great level of class, character, and distinction to the visual impact of your collection.

HE Harris Coin Albums

HE Harris is a Whitman Publishing subsidiary brand that has crafted both a Presidential Dollar Mini Album Date Set and a Presidential Dollar Mini Album P & D Set. Though comparable in craftsmanship to the Whitman and US Mint lines, the HE Harris Presidential coin albums are considered ‘deluxe’ in quality and features, and have a well-appointed aspect to them.

Whitman Coin Albums

The Whitman series of Presidential Coin Albums P & D 2007 Date Set represents the most dynamic of hobbyist supply publishers, Whitman Publishing. These gold-stamped pages and binders come in an attractive dark-blue leatherette-covered binder, and are equipped with matching blue loose-leaf hinged page inserts, which can be easily removed for convenient access. They are also equipped with data-sheets containing mintage specifications and historical referencing. In addition, the album’s 80 openings run from 2007 through 2016, as well as having 6 additional unmarked openings for future issues.

Dansco Coin Albums

The Presidential Coin Albums from Dansco are certainly the most widely popular coin albums ever manufactured due to their lengthy presence in the hobby industry. The Presidential Dollars P & D Set, the Presidential Dollars 2007-2016 Date Set, the Presidential Dollars Volume I 2007-2011 Set, and the Presidential Dollars Volume II -2012 to 2016 Set are just a few of the huge variety of album titles this company offers. With over 83 titles for United States minted coins, just about any coin series can be catalogued. For any selection of modern coin series, the company provides coin albums with and without the proof only features.

Littleton Coin Albums

All Littleton coin albums contain archival-quality, acid-free, and PVC-free long-term storage capability for these valuable collections. The Presidential Dollar Album P & D Mints Set and the Presidential Dollar Album Proof Set contain high quality 3-ring binder composition, brass reinforced eyelets, thumb-holds, and convenient page-removal features, along with historical references for each series and mintage information. Each page has crystal clear slides that allows for obverse and reverse viewing. In addition, the company offers convenient slip-cases for optimal storage capability.