Different Flavors of Coin Holders

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

Every coin collector knows that selecting the perfect holder for their coins is an essential first step when devising the best storage tactics within an overall collection strategy. Careful evaluation of all the options is also important because the price of these holders can become quite costly over time, especially if the collection grows, which is certainly the goal. There is a wide variety of coin holders on the market, and with just as many pricing options, and all are designed with the components necessary to protect, store, and display your collection quite effectively, and affordably.

CoinSupplyPlanet offers coin holders for every shape and size coin in your collection. Among our variety of options, you can select from many types such as plastic coin holders, ring-type holders, coin cases, pages and coin binders. When deciding which coin holder product best suits your storage or display purposes, it is important to make sure the product correctly fits your coin size. Here is a brief outline of some of the different ‘flavors’ of coin holders we offer.

Cardboard Holders

These holders are made of white cardboard with a clear mylar insert pocket to allow convenient viewing of the coin. Coins descriptions and attributes can be written right on the cardboard. These are a low-cost, safe, and very popular method to store your coins. Size options available are 1.5×1.5, 2×2, and 2.5×2.5.

Air-Tite Holders

The Air-Tite holders provide collectors with the design characteristics to protect against air contamination for the most common and hard-to-fit coins. They are injection-molded, and use a very durable and non-yellowing plastic which stays clear for much longer periods of use. You can utilize the direct-fit style of Air-Tite holders for common coin sizes, from quarters to small dollars. These great holders are also available in ring-type and frame-type options for less common coin sizes.

Coin Flips and Saflips

There are two kinds of coin flips available, the low-plasticizer PVC flips, along with the polyester flips. When considering which coin flips are most appropriate for your coin collection, the most important factor is the type of material that is used in the coin flip itself. Many coin flips are made from vinyl, and is adequate as a short-term solution for your coins. They are soft and usually very clear, for easy viewing and handling.

For longer-term storage needs, non-PVC or archival-quality coin flips are the best option. Saflips coin flips are fabricated with materials that do not contain chemicals or contaminants that might harm your coins after long storage periods. They are designed with two separate but connected pockets, allowing a coin and information card to be stored together. Saflips coin flips come in two sizes – the 2×2 size for most collection sizes, and the 2.5×2.5 for submitting coins to PCGS, NGC and other grading services.

Kointain Coin Holders

Kointain coin holders are made of very thin, and almost invisible plastic, and proven very safe for long-term storage of coins. An innovative convex design allows only the edges of these holders to come in contact with the coin. For generations of continued use, Kointains have provided unparalleled protection for some of the most priceless coin collections in the world. They are also used to preserve most of the leading museum numismatic collections.

Self Sealing 2×2 Holders by SuperSafe

The Self Sealing 2×2 Holders by SuperSafe are comprised of archival materials and contain no PVC or other damaging components. The non-migrating adhesive provides an air-tight seal to preserve and protect your coins. Supersafe coin holders also have a useful tab for easy handling. These holders are available in packs of 50 or boxes of 1000 holders. The 2×2 holders store Cent/Dime, Nickel, Quarter, Small Dollar, Half Dollar and Large Dollar sizes.

Plastic 2×2 Holders

Marcus coin holders are fabricated with inert polystyrene, and have a clear center window for coin viewing. An exclusive airtight double-seal gives outstanding long-term protection for your collection against air contamination and handling damage. These holders fit in standard 2×2 boxes or the Whitman Storage box. The Guardhouse Snaplock plastic 2×2 coin holders utilize a snap-together design for a secure enclosure mechanism. The Guardhouse holders are comparable to the Air-Tites, but have a round design instead of square. Both Marcus and Guardhouse coin holders have coin size options for Cents, Dimes, Nickels, Quarters, Half Dollars, Dollars, Silver Eagles and Presidential Dollars.