Coin Holders for Silver and Gold Eagles

Posted by Anastasia


Most avid coin collectors, as well as long-time numismatic aficionados are well aware   that when it comes to coin holders for the United States Silver and Gold Eagle coins there are numerous types and varieties to choose from. Many are the simple plain-vanilla, no-frills holders that provide both adequate protection and long-term storage capability, while others incorporate an additional and sometime appealing visual display for Silver and Gold Eagle coins might be offered as gifts, or just to enhance the particular coin’s presentation qualities.  Collecting the complete series of the popular United States Gold or Silver Eagle dollar coins by date may require a good quality album to set these coin off in good form by acquiring either the Dansco or the Littleton coin albums.

There are the ever-popular popular Whitman 2” x 2” Snap Lock holders which are perfect for the Silver Eagle dollars, are quite inexpensive, and also provide adequate protection and security for long-term storage needs. The holder features a frosted design along with transparent crystal clear viewing for the coin. Guardhouse plastic 2”x 2”s are square, and feature a snap-lock design, allowing the coins to be securely encased inside the holder. The Guardhouse plastic holders are very similar to Air Tites.

The H. E. Harris 2” x 3” Silver Eagle coin holder is a great choice, and comes in two different attractive designs. One has a American Bald Eagle against an American Flag background, while the other choice features the American Flag by itself. There are other 2” x 3” holders available for the Susan B. Anthony and Sacagawea dollars as well.

Kointains is also an inexpensive choice for a coin holder for American Silver Eagles or any other coin in the 40 mm dimensional size, if a no-frills plastic coin holder is all that is needed.

Air-Tite holders are well suited for the Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle coins in every denomination. Air-Tite holders are fabricated with non-yellowing, clear acrylic Lucite, that fits around the coin in a polyethylene plastic that has no PVC or other chemicals that may harm or damage the coin. They are entirely inert, and are virtually air tight, as the name implies. It also contains a colorful display card that the Air-Tite holder fits into in choices of black, blue, and burgundy.

There is also the Edgar Marcus line of two-piece plastic snap-together coin holders for the Gold Eagle coins. They come in a 2” x 2” layout for the individual coin sets, as well as a 2” x 6” design for the complete four coin set. These coin holders feature the polystyrene materials that will not damage the coins, a clear center window for viewing the coin, and a frosted outer edge, along with an airtight double-seal for exceptional long-term protection for coins.

For a really custom look, there are solid oak plaques manufactured by Champion for Silver or Gold Eagle coins. They make an ideal gift idea for birthdays, graduations, weddings, or anniversaries. They can be hung on walls or placed on a brass display stand, and feature an identification plate for engraving or personalizing.

Whatever the Silver or Gold Eagle collection storage needs might be, from coin holders, to coin albums, display cases and easels, and even coin tubes, there are numerous options available to fit just about any presentation, protection, or preservation requirement. All it takes is a little investigative research, and not much in the way of funds, and these beautiful specimens can be secured safely, conveniently, and even with a bit of decorative flair, to impress any fellow coin enthusiast, family member, or just curious observer, for generations to come.