Five Tips for Properly Shipping Coins

Posted by Megan

Five Tips for Properly Shipping Coins As a coin collector, there will likely be some point in which you need to ship coins. If you pack everything up correctly, you will have few worries. However, shipping coins certainly can be a risky and delicate venture. You can easily find yourself in an undesirable position if your package is lost or stolen. To help avoid this situation, here are a few tips to help you successfully ship your coins. 1. ALWAYS GET A TRACKING NUMBER- As long as you have a tracking number, then any shipments that are lost will not be blamed on you. You need to make sure you notify the person you are shipping to that once the items are shipped, anything that happens is out of your control. You are taking a big gamble by shipping coins …

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Top 5 Most Expensive Coins Ever Sold

Posted by Anastasia

As with most things described as ‘precious’ or priceless’, the most expensive coins on the planet will always cost far more than their minted value. Within the exciting and volatile world of coin auctions, there is no end to the level and quantity of speculations that surface long before the final selling price becomes known. The prices for these coins reach ever higher plateaus, where amounts in the seven-figure range have long become the norm. There are coins, specifically dollar coins, that have continued to exceed any previously conceived limit regarding what any prospective owner is willing to pay for them, and running into the millions of dollars, such as the case of the first coin mentioned in this list of the Top Five Most Expensive Coins Ever Sold – the Flowing Hair Dollar. In the coin collecting world, it …

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Famous Coin Collectors – Then and Now

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

All through history, whether it be ancient or contemporary, many famous people have been known to be either serious numismatists, or at least avid coin collectors, participating in a fascinating and often very lucrative hobby shared by millions around the globe. The list may be somewhat surprising, with names easily recognizable, while others are a bit more obscure, and some downright unexpected. Coin collecting more than likely began as a hobby for kings and rulers of ancient and wealthy dynasties. History has shown there have been a few potentates that have put together some astonishing collections. French King Louis XIV possessed a collection that he carefully watched over and attended to each and every day. King Emmanuel III ofItaly owned a collection of over 100,000 coins, dating far back to ancient times, which he bequeathed to his Italian subjects upon …

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