Brands to Know In Coin Supplies

Posted by Anastasia


The coin collecting supply industry, just like coin collecting itself, is certainly a diverse and multifaceted endeavor, and encompasses a bewildering array of coin storage, coin protection, coin preservation, coin display, and coin maintenance and cleaning products, and in every conceivable design, component, variety, shape and size. Whether your coin collecting requirements revolve around a small private collection, or you are a long time coin collecting enthusiast, there are coin supplies out there to suit every need, and every taste imaginable.  From coin albums, holders, folders, cases, tubes, and boxes, to displays, books, and even coin collecting software, there is no coin collecting material, method or mechanism that has not been produced or made available to satisfy even the most discriminating or demanding coin collecting necessity, presentation, specification, or technique. Here are some of the major brands in the coin supply industry that have been serving the coin collecting world for generations.

Air-Tites – Air-Tite produces a full line of coin holders and capsules, albums, storage boxes, and display boxes for your entire coin collection. These include Ring Type Air-Tites, Direct Fit Air-Tites,  Bar Holders, Capsule Tubes,  Frame Holders, Storage Boxes, Coin Albums, Velvet Gift Boxes, Wooden Cases, PB1 Gift Boxes, and Leatherette Display Boxes. www.air-tites.com

BCW  – BCW was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Indiana. For over 25 years they have been manufacturing high quality products designed to store, protect, and display, your valuable collectibles. These include Coin Flips, Coin Slabs, Coin Snaps, Coin Tubes, Coin Pages, Coin Boxes, Currency Collecting Supplies, Currency Pages and Albums, Currency Holders, Currency Pages and Albums, and Stock Certificate Accessories. www.bcwdirect.com

 Capital Plastics – This company manufacturers hard plastic coin holders for the protection of coins, currency,  medals, medallions, tokens, gaming chips, discs, pictures and documents, including stock holders for all denominations of U.S. coins, currency and some foreign coins, along with custom coin cases for special occasions such as Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, and Anniversaries. www.capitalplastics.com/

 Carlisle Development Corp – The Coin Collector’s Assistant is a comprehensive program for managing your coin collection. Suitable for both novice and experienced collectors with an easy-to-use interface. It contains a complete U.S. coin database with comprehensive listings by date and mint mark of all coinage minted by the U. S. Mint including all U.S. circulating coinage, pre-1954 and modern commemoratives, bullion coins, and sets. Also included are Hawaiian and Colonial coinage. The version with values contains current coin values, provided by Coin World, a recognized leader in numismatics.  www.carlisledevelopment.com

 Coin SafeThese Square Coin Tubes are very high quality, archival safe, with a compact design that is strong and durable, with double locking seals and are easily stackable.

 Coin WorldCoin World Premier Coin Slabs are high-quality clear acrylic snap-tight case that encloses a pliable dark green or white insert, and are made of inert polyethylene that is PVC-free, and the same size as PCGS certified coin holders.  They produce 30 different sizes to accommodate most U.S. coins. www.coinworld.com/buy-coins/

 CornerstoneThis company produces a beautiful National Park Quarters P&D Albums with 16 full color pages with 112 holes for a P and D example of each national park quarter to be issued between 2010 and 2021. The pages include informative facts about the national sites and parks protected by the federal government and historical data highlighting the significance of the national park quarter designs. These albums feature acid-free paper and lenses to safely protect coins; is filled with information and data that discuss the reverse designs; and includes a grading scale for beginning collectors.

 DanscoThese albums feature loose-leaf, removable hinged pages with acetate slides housed in a rich brown leatherette cover with windows showing both obverse and reverse, and has gold lettering and features historical information on inside covers. The company manufactures Cent Albums, Nickel Albums, Dime Albums, Quarter Albums, Half Dollar Albums, and Dollar Albums. Dansco Archival Quality Slipcases are available in six sizes. Dansco archival quality slipcases are made with Silver-Guard corrosion-inhibiting protection. The slip covers inhibit toning and will not change existing toning. Dansco uses military spec materials which permanently neutralize corrosive gases in the air that can cause toning and discoloring. Slipcases work with silver, gold, copper, nickel, iron coins, medallions, and bars.

 EagleEagle is a manufacturer and distributor of quality coin supplies, and was established in 1982. They are a leading innovator in the field, having developed many new and unique products such as Certified Coin Albums, Coin Boxes, Encapsulated Coin Albums, Plastic 2×2 Holders, Classic Albums, 2×2 Coin Boxes, Proof Set Albums, Mint Set Albums, and Ultra Coin Albums.  www.eaglecoinholders.com

 E & T Kointainer – KoinTain Coin Capsules were originally created in the 1940’s, and  are made of thin pliable Mylar, and are an effective storage device for collectors who wish to house their coins in a round, virtually airtight, inert holder. www.vcoins.com/us/

 Guardhouse – These 2×2 plastic coin holders feature a snaplock design, allowing your coins to be securely enclosed in the holder. The Guardhouse plastic holders are very similar to Air Tites, but the Guardhouse 2x2s are square and not round. Black insert contains no vinyl and fits in standard 2×2 boxes.

 H. E. Harris – Harris Coin Folders offer valuable historical and cultural information about the coin denomination and feature crisp, full color photographs of classic coins. Practical and durable folders open flat to display an entire collection at once, then close back to book size for easy storage. Their products include Cent Folders, Nickel Folders, Dime Folders, Quarter Folders, Half Dollar Folders, and Dollar Folders. Harris Frosted Coin Cases feature a very stylish “frosted” border for a very attractive display. Each style comes with a die cut cardboard insert that is beautifully decorated and printed to enhance the beauty of your coin.  These cases make great gifts or for just about any occasion.

 Lighthouse Lighthouse coin albums provide the necessary protection to your coins and are a very impressive way to store and present them. Coins may be stored in plastic coin sheets with various dimensions or in VISTA coin sheets made of extra-heavy carton with clear-view pockets and sliding inserts, and are 100% free from acids and chemical softeners. They manufacture Coin albums, State Quarter Albums, Presidential Dollar Albums, Coin boxes, Aluminum coin cases, Wood-finish presentation cases, Coin show cases, Small coin cases, Coin capsules, 2×2 Coin holders, and Currency albums. They have been a favorite and trusted coin source since 1945. www.lighthouse.us/

 Littleton – This company manufactures coin collecting products that have been at the top of the numismatics industry since they were introduced several years ago. Littleton coin products are known for their quality and the company has built a reputation for outstanding customer service. They produce Coin Albums, Slipcases, Coin Folders, and  Binders and Pages. Their albums are available for Indian and Lincoln Cents; Liberty, Buffalo, and Jefferson Nickels; Barber, Mercury, and Roosevelt Dimes; Barber, Standing Liberty, Washington, and Statehood Quarters; Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, and Kennedy Half Dollars; Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, Anthony, Presidential Dollars, and American Silver Eagles. www.littletoncoin.com/

 MarcusAll Marcus capsules are made of inert polystyrene that will not harm coins. The 2×2 capsules have a clear center window for viewing the coin and a frosted outer edge. A unique airtight double seal provides excellent long-term protection for your collection, and are easily opened and reused. They fit in standard 2×2 boxes or the Whitman Storage box. The 2×3 Snap Lock Coin Cases are designed for special occasions or for special gifts. You can choose from several different designs for many of the most important and memorable moments, such as the birth of a child, wedding, graduation, or holiday greeting. There are Snaplock Cases for Presidential Dollars, Jefferson Nickels, Silver Eagles, Sacagawea, and Statehood Quarters. www.edgarmarcus.com/

 NumisThese coin tubes are very similar in appearance and design to the CoinSafe tubes above. The main difference is the Numis tubes have a single locking seal.

 Whitman – Classic Coin Albums feature a grained leatherette cover, mint records and historical information on inside cover, clear polystyrene windows that allow viewing from both sides with thumb notches and removable screw-type hinge posts. Their albums are available for Indian and Lincoln Cents; Liberty, Buffalo, and Jefferson Nickels; Barber, Mercury, and Roosevelt Dimes; Barber, Standing Liberty, Washington, and Statehood Quarters; Barber, Walking Liberty, Franklin, and Kennedy Half Dollars; Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, Anthony, Presidential Dollars, and American Silver Eagles. www.whitmanbooks.com