Types of Cardboard Holders Available

Posted by Anastasia


It is certainly common knowledge among all coin collectors that any valuable coin left lying around unprotected, or even stored in the wrong kind of coin holder, invariably means that, over time, that particular specimen is going to wind up damaged in some way. While the damage may be unnoticeable or perhaps marginal at first glance, more than likely this microscopic deterioration can significantly reduce the value of the coins. In a worst-case scenario, it has the potential to result in the coin being basically worthless. There are scores of coin holders available just about anywhere in the coin supply marketplace, and each type of coin holder offers a different degree of protection, security or display characteristics. Naturally, there are just as many advantages and disadvantages associated with each style, brand, functionality, and cost as there are varieties, shapes, and sizes to choose from.

It is also just as important to remember that all coin holders are not created equal in terms of the specific materials used to manufacture them, or which coin denomination each holder is designed to fit securely, and for what length of time. It is also critical to ensure that any coin is perfectly sized to the specific type of holder it was designed to hold to inhibit any unnecessary movement or shifting, especially if those coin holders are subject to being handled or viewed frequently.

Choosing the right coin holder can be a rather simple and straightforward process as long as a few important points are kept in mind. If cost is not the primary concern, given that the value of the coins being stored are certainly worth a corresponding degree of protection, then the next move is to determine the type of coin holder that is most suitable for preservation purposes. The options would include those made from paper, cardboard, plastic, pocket-style or even the Air-tite ring or direct fit configuration, just to name a few. In addition, if a particular brand is both popular and is known to fit well, then it is a good idea to continue buying what works. If exactly what is needed has not yet been determined, then it makes perfect sense to try out a few samples of different coin holders to see what works best.

Foldable cardboard coin holders, commonly known as 2x2s, are a popular and preferred favorite among collectors, and the most widely used coin holders in the coin collecting supply industry. They are very affordable and certainly easy to use. While there are quite a few brands to choose from, each holder is typically manufactured with top quality materials and features a ‘scored’ cardboard design to permit a uniform folding process.

They also include Mylar windows for convenient inspection or viewing of both the obverse and reverse side of each coin. The Mylar windows are the most chemically stable lining on the market for coin storage. It does not tear or scratch, along with being the most moisture-resistant film out there, and has the lowest available porosity to safeguard against dust accumulation. These cardboard coin holders are perfectly suitable for long-term storage needs, are fabricated with archival-safe components, and are sized to fit conveniently inside the 9” red cardboard coin holder storage boxes as well, which are pre-labeled with the corresponding coin denomination.

The design and functionality are quite simple There is a 2”x 4” sheet of Mylar glued to the cardboard that has two identically-sized holes. The coin is simply placed on the Mylar, the holder is then ‘folded over’, and then stapled together. These are perfect for protecting any coin from damage caused by fingerprints and other environmental hazards. There are even cardboard 2x2s that are made with a layer of adhesive that seals the holder closed to eliminate the need for staples. They are typically sold in bundles of 100, or cases of 3000 (30 bundles) and are available in 1½”, 2″, and 2½” sizes.

There is a broad range of cardboard coin holders available for all standard United States coin denominations, which includes 1.5×1.5s for Cents and Dimes, Half Dollars, Nickels, Quarters, SBA/SAC/Presidential Dollars; 2x2s for Dimes, Half Dollars, Quarters, SBA/SAC/Presidential Dollars, and even with three holes for Cents and Dimes, and for Error Cents as well. There is also the 2.5×2.5 style cardboard coin holder with a 1.75″ window for larger coins.

Don’t forget that these great cardboard coin holders are designed to fit perfectly in 2×2 pages to conveniently store and view a coin collection in any three-ring binder. Make sure non-PVC-based pages and three-ring binders are utilized, or else the coins could be damaged because of the PVC leaching from the plastic into the environment surrounding each coin. The pages also come in 1.5” and 2.5” configurations. The cardboard coin holders, the 2×2 pages, and the three-ring binders combine to create an outstanding method to inexpensively store, organize, view, and protect the coins in any collection.