Top 10 Must-Have Coin Collector Books

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CoinSupplyPlanet has a wide variety of top-rated coin collection books for both the avid coin collector and the most dedicated numismatist. From books on grading to the official Red Book, we have all the top coin collection information on the market. Whether it is coin collector reference books, coin price guides, or numismatic documentaries, our up-to-the-minute resource library allows you to keep up with the most relevant coin-industry knowledge while staying on top of the value of your collection with the most current coin reference guides. Here is the definitive list of our Top 10 Must-Have Coin Collector Books.

The Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting by Kenneth Bressett

This is an up-to-date, all-inclusive guide explaining everything a beginning collector needs to know concerning coins, and revealing all about getting started in the hobby, mint marks, varieties, and what determines a coin’s value. It also provides information on the care for your collection, grading, where to locate valuable coins, as well as exactly how to identify counterfeit and altered coins.

CherryPickers’ Guide Volume 1 by Bill Fivaz and J. T. Stanton

This is the latest edition of one ofAmerica’s most renowned coin books. It covers allUnited Statescoins from half cents through nickel five-cent specimens. The volume is a result of decades of collective research, in collaboration with many collectors, scholars, dealers, and experts in the world of numismatics. It presents exclusive information not available in any other coin reference.

World Book of Coins 2001 – Date by George S. Cuhaj

This remarkable book reveals the captivating world of 21st century coinage, containing practically all 21st century coins, including series, singles, bi-metallic and tri-metallic coins, from every corner of the globe. It contains more than 90,000 listings, and all prices are up-to-the-minute market values, along with the five grades of preservation.

The Official Whitman Red Book – Hardcover 2012 Edition by Kenneth Bressett

This is the premier resource for American coin collectors. This all-inclusive, one-volume library allows smart buying decisions while building your collection. It is packed with full-color photographs, detailed technical data, up-to-date mintages, providing the complete history of colonial and early American coins, and features more than 1,800 full-color photographs to help the collector to properly identify their coins. It also illustrates the official federal issues from half cents through silver dollars and gold coins, classic and modern commemoratives, Proof and Mint sets, error coins, Civil War tokens, pioneer gold, state and territorial quarters, plus the new National Park quarters, each of the presidential dollars, and much more. There is something of value for every collector, with over 22 million copies sold since the 1st edition.

ANA Grading Standards by Kenneth Bressert

This complete and convenient guide provides the official American Numismatic Association grading standards for everyU. S.coin minted since 1793. It will explain how to grade all theU.S.coins easily and accurately. It is the go-to resource favored and utilized by collectors, numismatists, dealers, and investors all over the globe.

Numismatic Forgery by Charles M. Larson

This volume is a fully illustrated and annotated guide to the no-nonsense principles, methods and techniques used in the private fabrication of rare coins. The author reveals a spellbinding tale through the eyes of the numismatic forger, along with the keys to identifying counterfeit coins. The book describes the tools and techniques used in creating forged coins, and while they are completely legal, take note that putting them into practice is most certainly against the law.

Red Book US Commemorative Coins by Q. David Bowers

History is brought to life by connectingAmerica’s commemorative coins to the people, places, and events they honored, as well as the artists, promoters, and politicians who brought them from raw idea to the finished coin. This full-color volume reveals exactly how to build a collection of commemoratives, determine authenticity, and analyze strike and eye appeal. It shows what it takes to become a smart buyer, while explaining the realities of the market, comparative rarities, certification, as well as establishing fair market prices for your collection.

Red Book Peace Dollars  by Roger W, Burdette

This is the 13th volume in Whitman’s Bowers Series of full-color and fully-indexed numismatic reference books. It contains every date and mintmark ofAmerica’s last 90% silver dollar, which was created as a tribute of peace after the ordeals of World War One. It also examines the mystifying 1964-D Peace Dollar, along with proofs, patterns, trial pieces, errors and mis-strikes, countermarks, die varieties, and all the most renowned collections of the numismatic world.

PhotoGrade by James F. Rudy

This wonderful book is thought to be the most widely acclaimed and preferred resource of its kind. The newest edition of the universal coin-grading encyclopedia illustrates over 1,000 coin-grading pictures and vividly detailed descriptions of regular issueU.S.coin types from 1793 to date. It was designated as an Official Grading Guide of the American Numismatic Association in 1972, and is widely accepted as the most comprehensive grading book in print.

World’s Greatest Mint Errors  by Mike Byers

This is a comprehensive visual gallery of the most astounding mint errors from theU.S.and around the world. It covers over 30 different error types and is brilliantly illustrated with hundreds of photos. Over 300 coins are featured and each coin is described in exhaustive detail. Pricing guides and coin valuation summaries are also included at the end of each chapter.