A Lesson in Coin Folders

Posted by Megan

Coin folders are a novel and fun way to store your coin collection. We offer coin folders from Warman, Whitman and Dansco, each with their distinguished look and unique features. Come discover which one is best suited for you and your needs. Warman’s coin folders highlight fun facts and trivia within their pages. All hobbies should be as interesting and fun. Their larger-than-average folders measure 7 x 9.5 inches and feature die-cut slots to hold your cherished coins. All of these features are wrapped in Warman’s glossy and attractive cover. Whitman coin folders open flat for all-at-once viewing. They offer a three panel folder design measuring 7 x 7.75 inches. Mintage statistics as well as other coin series data are printed within the pages of these fine Whitman folders, making coin collecting entertaining as much as it is interesting. Whitman …

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