Littleton Albums in a Nutshell

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

Littleton albums are the biggest and one of the five major brands of coin albums that feature a large selection of titles. They are one of two most sold albums in the U.S. manufactured by a family company, Littleton Coin Company. Made in the USA, exclusive and high quality, Littleton albums are an economical, safe way to store, use, protect, organize and display your collection. Available for nearly every U.S. coin series and many foreign coin series, Littleton albums come in many configurations, allowing you to collect in series or sets, or to put together your own custom set. Unlike most collectors’ albums, Littleton albums are constructed as 3-ring binders, allowing the albums to lay flat when open making it easier to study or enjoy the coins in the album. The signature “loose leaf” style makes the Littleton albums much …

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