Why Wear Finger Cots When Handling Coins?

Posted by Anastasia

In the fascinating realm of coin collecting, there is certainly one very important, fundamental, and iron-clad rule when it comes to handling coins. As any coin collector worthy of the name will surely attest, there is nothing more distressing or even annoying than to set one’s eyes on a stunning uncirculated or proof coin with unsightly if not downright revolting fingerprints ruining its surface. Numismatically speaking, it is close to being a disaster, and positively irresponsible, and certainly preventable. Obviously, almost every coin collector relishes the notion of taking hold of a ‘raw’ coin with their bare hands, but holding a coin incorrectly can leave behind minute traces of improper ‘human’ contact that cannot be easily removed without the risk of damaging the coin even further. Over an extended period of time, that damage accumulates, and all of it could …

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