Coin Insurance: The ‘Other’ Protection for Your Coin Collection

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

When it comes to protecting your coin collection, you probably believe you have everything under control. After all, you’ve invested in slabbed coin holders to store the rare – and usually most expensive – pieces of your collection and placed them in coin album pages. That keeps them safe from handling and protects them from scratches and harmful chemical reactions. So yes, you’re protected from that kind of threat to your coins. Unfortunately, there are other threats out there, too. They’re the kind that slabbed holders and special albums won’t control. Burglars might not understand the value of your coins or the stories behind them, but they’re smart enough to know that they can convert them to ready cash. And what happens if your home catches fire? Or if a flood sweeps your albums away? You could lose years and …

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Coin Insurance

Posted by Anastasia

After a certain period of time, every coin collector begins to realize that as their collection continues to grow, not only in volume but value, the need to consider insurance to protect against its potential loss becomes a necessary and prudent concern. Safeguarding a collection that has taken many years of dedicated work to assemble, along with the significant sums of money spent doing so, is not only part of a good investment strategy, but makes real good sense as well. If you currently own a home, there is a reasonably good chance that your current homeowner’s insurance policy will cover such valuables as banknotes, gold and silver bullion, perhaps platinum, medals and medallions, and other precious metals in your possession. The unfortunate side of this particular type of ‘standard’ coverage provided by most insurance companies is that it is …

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