Coin Supplies You Have Been Waiting For – 2015 Red Book Price Guide

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The Red Book Price Guide of United States Coins is a staple in the industry and should be included in all collector’s coin supplies

The Official 2015 Red Book of United States Coins is set to be released in mid-April. It has been the standard value guide for coin collectors of all levels as well as dealers for well over six decades. Prices for every known United States coin including error coins, gold coins and proof sets are listed. The Red Book is much more than just a coin guide, it serves as an excellent point of reference with thousands of full-color images. These detailed photos show you the minute differences of collectable coins.

For the beginning collector, the Red Book is a necessity as it employs a glossary of coin terminology and a guide to grading your coins. Even the most ardent coin collector will certainly enjoy introductions to each coin type and the history of U.S. coinage. With the inclusion of articles on investing, detecting counterfeits and shipwrecks, even non-collectors will be hard-pressed in putting this book down.

In addition to this generous content, the main substance of the Red Book is the coin values. Sections of the book are dedicated to each coin type and are arranged in chronological order. In addition to the grade-by-grade valuations, the Red Book offers auction records, detailed specifications and historical backgrounds.

The book itself is spiral bound, so it lies flat on the surface while you study that 1982 large date Lincoln cent. It’s compact enough so you can take it to your next show for easy referencing. The Red Book of United States is a staple in the industry and should be included in all collector’s coin supplies.

Now, you can currently get the 2015 Red Book Price Guide for a discounted price of $11.49 from $14.95, saving you $3.46!  This deal is too good to pass up, get your Red Book now!


How to: 2×2 Cardboard Coin Holders

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We get a lot of questions from newbie coin collectors every day. One of the more popular questions is “what do I do with these paper holders?”. We decided to put together an easy-to-use instructions post. Regardless of whether you know 2×2 cardboard holders as coin flips, 2x2s, staple type holders or even just paper holders, below should help.

Step 1: Buy a pack of 2×2 cardboard holders (tip: pack of 100s are usually very affordable)

Step 2: Figure out which side is the top side (non-reflective paper white) and fold in the middle

Step 3: Place the coin in the center (any side is OK)

Step 4: Grab a stapler and fold it all the way (make sure the coin didn’t move)

Step 5: Staple with 1 or 2 staples


Now you’ve successfully secured the coin in a paper holder (aka coin flip or staple type) holder. Note that these holders come in all sizes including 1.5 x1.5 and 2.5 x 2.5. They are also readily available for various coin sizes that are pre-manufactured for the most common coins. Of course, this process only applies to those cardboard holders that require a staple. You’re welcome to explore self-sealing cardboard holders if you don’t want to deal with staples.


Everything About Whitman Folder – Indian Head Cents 1857-1909

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The most memorable set for a coin collecting enthusiast often is the first one. So, if you happen to be wanting to pass along your affinity for coins and history to a son, daughter, grandchild or any other beginning coin collector, consider picking up one of these handsome Whitman Folders for Indian Head Cents.

This handsome three-panel coin album is perfect for anyone looking to ultimately acquire an entire set that is not as difficult to attain as some coin sets. This Whitman Folder covers a full set, with 58 labeled openings. The three-panel design makes it easy to view the entire set at once, making it easy to see which dates need to be filled and also providing a quick reference as to what the key dates — 1877 and 1909 — are in the series.

Also known as an Indian Penny, these coins have no shortage of historical significance. They were minted from only 1857-1909 in the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints. Indian Head Cents became scarce at the height of the Civil War, but the 1877 issue is considered to be the hardest find in the collection because not many were kept.    .

This coin display case is ideal for storage purposes and even includes historical data and mintage statistics for each date issued.

Whitman Folder – Indian Head Cents 1857-1909

The Whitman Folder #9003 – Indian Head Cents 1857 – 1909 is a coin folder that features three panels with one port per coin, and is a perfect coin storage solution. This folder contains 58 coin slots and includes a description of the number of coins that were minted each year. Size is: 6″ x 7.75″.

  • Whitman coin folder stores US coins
  • Indian Head Cents 1857 – 1909
  • Opens flat for all-at-once viewing
  • Three-panel folder design with 58 labeled openings
  • Includes mintage statistics and other coin series data
  • Each folder measures 6″ x 7.75″
  • Built with the best archival-safe materials

This Whitman Folder #9003 – Indian Head Cents 1857 – 1909 will securely and attractively hold the entire set. Whitman Folders are manufactured from the best archival-safe materials known.

ISBN: 0307090035


H.E. Harris Folder For State Quarters 1999-2003 – Exceptional Coin Holder & Coin Display Case

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If you are looking for a piece of modern coin collecting history than you should make it a priority to pick up this H.E. Harris Folder Washington Quarters: State Collection, Vol. 1 1999-2003. This hardcover coin holder houses a complete set of state quarters minted from the Philadelphia and Denver mints from 1999-2003.

Though these coins were recently introduced, they each possess historical significance individually, as each state came up with its own design that commemorated its own unique state history. Some of the decisions were controversial while others were embraced by the masses. Each state quarter was released in the same order that the states ratified the Constitution.

This handsome three-panel coin folder is an attractive way to display the entire collection and is a great coin storage solution. Because this coin display case consists of three panels, the entire set can be viewed at once. It features 60 labeled and unlabeled openings, and, as a bonus, the back cover provides detailed information about the history of this coin series.

This collection would be a great start-up set for a beginning collector and also would make nice addition to an elementary school as a way to showcase and teach state history to its students.



The H.E. Harris Folder #2580 State Quarters Vol.1 1999-2003 P&D Mints is an attractive coin folder that features three panels with one port per coin, and is a perfect coin storage solution. H.E. Harris has been serving the needs of avid coin collectors since 1916. This folder contains 60 labeled and unlabeled coin slots. Size is: 6″ x 7.75″, and is volume one of three.

  •  H.E. Harris coin folder stores US coins: State Quarters 1999-2003 P&D Mints
  • Opens flat for all-at-once viewing
  • Three-panel folder design with 60 labeled and unlabeled openings
  • Includes historical information, mintage statistics and coin series data
  • Each folder measures 6″ x 7.75″
  • Built with the finest archival-safe materials

This H.E. Harris Folder #2580 State Quarters Vol.1 1999-2003 P&D Mints will securely hold and preserve the entire set. These top-quality H.E. Harris folders are professionally crafted from the best archival-safe materials available on the market and are exceptional in coin collection safety and long-term protection.


Coin Display Case – American Silver Eagle Dollars

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As a coin collector and enthusiast, there may not be a better coin display case to celebrate with than the H.E. Harris Frosted 2” x 3” Happy Birthday Case for American Silver Eagle Dollars. This coin holder allows you the opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s special day by setting him or her up with their very own birthday coin collection. This functional, handsome and durable tool is a great way to start a coin collection out for your child or grandchild. Best of all, because the price is so affordable – only around $0.99 — you can plan ahead and buy several years in advance.

These archival-safe and PVC-free materials are great way to display and store your collection of U.S. American Silver Eagle Dollars. Their value also will remain intact because your coin will be displayed in tightly-sealed case that will protect it from the dirt and elements.

In addition to the “Happy Birthday” model, H.E. Harris also produce several other celebratory models that we keep in stock such “Happy Mothers Day,” Happy Easter,” “Happy Fathers Day” and “Happy Holidays.”

Frosted 2″ x 3″ Case for American Silver Eagle Dollars: Happy Birthday

The H.E. Harris Frosted 2″ x 3″ Case for American Silver Eagle Dollars – Happy Birthday is a beautiful and unique way to present, store, and protect your coins for years to come. The snap-together design holds your coins securely in place while the frosted and beveled edge elegantly sets off the artwork surrounding the coins. The case measures 2″ x 3″, and will hold 1 coin displayed with a Happy Birthday greeting. H.E. Harris model #1672.


  •  H.E. Harris Frosted Case will display and store these coins:
  • U.S. American Silver Eagle Dollars
  • Durable coin storage using inert, archival-safe, PVC-free materials
  • Snap-lock design for maximum convenience and security
  • Preserves coins against damaging environmental hazards
  • Clear acrylic protection in an attractive frosted display motif

This H.E. Harris Frosted 2″ x 3″ Case for American Silver Eagle Dollars – Happy Birthday allows your coins to be displayed while sealing tight for long-term protection against handling or the elements, which helps maintain their value.