How to: 2×2 Cardboard Coin Holders

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

We get a lot of questions from newbie coin collectors every day. One of the more popular questions is “what do I do with these paper holders?”. We decided to put together an easy-to-use instructions post. Regardless of whether you know 2×2 cardboard holders as coin flips, 2x2s, staple type holders or even just paper holders, below should help.

Step 1: Buy a pack of 2×2 cardboard holders (tip: pack of 100s are usually very affordable)

Step 2: Figure out which side is the top side (non-reflective paper white) and fold in the middle

Step 3: Place the coin in the center (any side is OK)

Step 4: Grab a stapler and fold it all the way (make sure the coin didn’t move)

Step 5: Staple with 1 or 2 staples


Now you’ve successfully secured the coin in a paper holder (aka coin flip or staple type) holder. Note that these holders come in all sizes including 1.5 x1.5 and 2.5 x 2.5. They are also readily available for various coin sizes that are pre-manufactured for the most common coins. Of course, this process only applies to those cardboard holders that require a staple. You’re welcome to explore self-sealing cardboard holders if you don’t want to deal with staples.