Five Tips for Properly Shipping Coins

Posted by Megan

Five Tips for Properly Shipping Coins

As a coin collector, there will likely be some point in which you need to ship coins. If you pack everything up correctly, you will have few worries. However, shipping coins certainly can be a risky and delicate venture. You can easily find yourself in an undesirable position if your package is lost or stolen. To help avoid this situation, here are a few tips to help you successfully ship your coins.

1. ALWAYS GET A TRACKING NUMBER- As long as you have a tracking number, then any shipments that are lost will not be blamed on you. You need to make sure you notify the person you are shipping to that once the items are shipped, anything that happens is out of your control. You are taking a big gamble by shipping coins without a tracking number.

2. REGISTER MAIL FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS- The most secure and safest way to send coins overseas is through registered mail. Anyone who touches your package will have to sign for it, this includes all postal employees.

3. IT’S ALL ABOUT PROPER PACKAGING- Correctly packaging your coins before shipping is an absolute must. For starters, proper packaging eliminates the possibility of damage to your coins. Don’t think that padded mailers are the solution, you need much more. For example, the AirTite Sure Safe Shipper offers the ultimate protection when shipping your valuable coins. It is manufactured with separators to ensure coins do not come in contact with each other. Safe-T-Mailers provide a convenient way to send coins in a regular envelope and is padded and secure.

4. SHHHHH, NO NOISE- It is absolutely critical that you pack your coins so they make no noise. The idea is to create an environment where your packaged coins don’t move about or create any kind of sound. The sound of coins is quite simply too tempting to some, and a dishonest person may just steal your package. One way to resolve this issue is by utilizing coin holders such as coin tubes, wrappers and coin holders. And make sure you employ plenty of bubble wrap.

5. ENSURE YOU ARE INSURED- It is a wise decision to insure your package for the approximate value of the coins you are sending. This way, if something does happen during the transit, you can file a claim and recoup your loss.

Follow these five tips and your shipping experience will have a happy ending.Visit our website to discover the coin supplies needed for proper shipping.