Difference Between Whitman, Littleton, HE Harris and Edelman Folders

Posted by Coin Collecting Enthusiasts

Every passionate and dedicated coin enthusiast knows that one of the finest methods to illustrate or display your impressive collection is by using coin folders. Not only do coin folders present the fine and intricate details of your collection in a safe and convenient fashion, but they do so in an extremely convenient, educational and informative way. At CoinSupplyPlanet, we offer high quality coin folders that are not only functional and denomination-specific, but are designed to be both eye-catching and economical as well.

No matter if you are looking to store and display your less-expensive coin sets, or the top-shelf examples of your finest or rarest coins, our coin folders are a superior choice for any avid collector. Our folders allow for the ability to view the full spectrum of your collection in individualized slots for each coin in a specific series, along with the details regarding mintage statistics and historical references. Here are some specific details highlighting just a few of our best coin folder brands.

Edelman Coin Folders

Edelman coin folders are known for their highly distinctive covers and impressive artwork that makes any collection stand out in a most appealing display. Each attractive folder has numerous features any collector will recognize and appreciate, and allows for specific details and key information on each coin in the series, while being displayed with fine artistic precision and craftsmanship. The stunning cover-art makes Edelman coin folders a great addition to any beginner’s collection, as well as being an impressive display choice for a skilled collector’s more valuable and favored coins. Edelman coin folder options include the Presidential Dollars P & D Mints Folder Volume 1 2007-2011, the Presidential Dollars P & D Mints Volume 2 2011-15, and the United States Lincoln Cents 1909-2009.

Harris Coin Folders

H E Harris coin folders are recognized for their more superior quality and professional characteristics. They combine an impressive full color displays as well as a complete outline of mintage statistics and important historical footnotes. Each coin folder is fabricated with acid-free components and materials for storing and illustrating your collections in a very safe, protected, and attractive showcase. The H.E. Harris Company has been providing high quality coin collection products to hobby enthusiasts for over a century. CoinSupplyPlanet can confidently recommend these coin folders since they are from such a trusted name in the numismatic world. H.E. Harris folders are an inspiring addition for any coin collection, and are great for your storage and organizational requirements. Harris coin folders allow a wide range of coin storage options like Buffalo Nickels, Jefferson Nickels, Liberty Head Nickels, Eisenhower Dollars, Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars, just to name a few.

Whitman Coin Folders

Whitman coin folders are created by one of the oldest coin hobbyist suppliers in the business. These great coin folders are a unique and very affordable way to organize and illustrate your coin collection. Whitman coin folders have become the most popular of all brands we carry. Their high quality archival components will ensure a timeless and durable method to display your collection with an at-a-glance, open-flat style that closes and stores like a book for added convenience. Each coin folder puts the historical and mintage specifications right at your fingertips, along with an innovative ‘lock-in’ feature to keep your coins safe and secure. Some of the Whitman coin folders offered are Commemorative Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Indian Cents, Lincoln Cents, Buffalo Nickels, and Mercury Dimes.

Littleton Coin Folders

Littleton coin folders are probably the most widely favored and most recommended folders used by coin enthusiasts everywhere. They combine the attractive features of being both classically elegant and very affordable which keeps them in a class by themselves. Designed to open and close like a book, with the great ‘lay-flat’ style perfect for viewing, the green and gold-embossed covers have the appealing look of leather which looks perfect on any bookshelf. These handsome and durable coin folders are made with acid-free archival quality components and have all the mintage and historical reference data within view. If you care for a distinctive and budget-friendly coin display option, theLittleton coin folders are a great investment for your collection. Folder options include Kennedy and Franklin Half Dollars, Jefferson and Liberty Head Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes, Standing Liberty and Statehood Quarters.