21st Century Coin Collectors: Social Networks

Posted by Anastasia


There is no doubt that if any one wants to really exist in today’s global community, then establishing a presence within a social networking platform is essential. When it comes to coin collecting or numismatics, there is no lack of popularity or presence within these massive gathering places. All types of individuals, groups, clubs, societies, businesses, and communities have created their social-networking footprint, and all are serving the wants, needs, and desires of every avid coin enthusiast out there. They all have something to share, show, trade, sell, or otherwise offer in the way of coin collecting knowledge, expertise, or experience. It is indeed a global village of coin collecting know-how and unbridled enthusiasm, reaching across the planet with tens of thousands of active participants anxious to just ‘talk’ about the hobby that drives their passions the most – collecting coins. At the pinnacle of the coin-loving world are of course the major social and business networking sites that undoubtedly first initiated the ‘social’ concepts that drive the internet. It naturally follows that the denizens of these popular environs would establish their collective fascinations in the form of hobby-centered activities, and coin collecting is no exception. Here are the top search requests for ‘coin collectors’ residing in these global powerhouses of social media:

http://www.facebook.com/, https://twitter.com/, http://www.myspace.com/, and of course http://www.linkedin.com/

From there, one only needs to transpose their coin knowledge and experiences to the even more specialized coin-collecting assemblies of social interaction. This is accomplished by participating in the on-line forums created to further expand the envelope of numismatic understanding and collaboration. Here are just a few of the most popular forums for coin collectors.

CoinTalk – an online forum for coin collectors to discuss all aspects of coin collecting. The community is made up of thousands of numismatists who love to answer questions about coins and discuss current coin news. http://www.cointalk.com/content/

Collectors’ Society – this is an online forum devoted to coin collectors as well as paper currency and comic book collectors. Collectors’ Society is composed of tens of thousands of hobbyists devoted to their favorite pastimes. http://www.collectors-society.com/

Coin Community – a place to discuss all types of aspects of coin collecting, numismatics, and your favorite coin topics. http://www.coincommunity.com/forum/

My Coin Collecting – this site brings coin collectors together with active message boards dedicated to all types of coin collecting topics. http://www.mycoincollecting.com/

Coin Network – the social network for coin collectors. It includes member pages, photos, forum, and blogs. http://www.coinnetwork.com

CoinFriends.com – this site is defined as social networking for coin collectors, where coin discussions, uploaded images and other collectors meet, set up their own or join collecting groups, or participate in exchange programs. http://www.coinfriends.com/

 Monetastic Community – this is a worldwide community for world coin and banknote collectors and swappers. http://monetastic.ning.com

U.S. Coin Collecting – this family-oriented numismatic community is dedicated to the collector, and covering all aspects of numismatics. http://uscoin.ning.com/